BMC G3 B20A BiPAP Machine System

BMC G3 B20A BiPAP Machine System

Manufacturer: BMC

The BMC G3 B20A is a bi-level CPAP machine is designed to treat sleep apnea. Bi-Level sleep apnoea treatment is far more comfortable for patients who require higher treatment pressures. 


The BMC G3 B20A BiPAP Machine System features intelligent comfort and offers three treatment modes – Auto BiPAP, BiPAP S and CPAP.

BMC BiPAP devices allows patients access to Bi-Level treatment at a comparative cost to Auto CPAP machines already on the market.

Features include the pre-heat function to warm the humidifier water for ultimate comfort in cold or dry weather, integrated heated tubing with Auto Humidity control to avoid accumulation of condensation, and multi-stage noise reduction technology to ensure it does not exceed 28dB (A).

The device also features an Auto Ramp function which automatically senses when the user falls asleep and adjusts the ramp time appropriately. This allows the treatment algorithm to respond as soon as the patient is asleep, rather than at a set time.

Using the Smart B (BiLevel) in the Auto S mode, the BMC G3 B20A delivers an optimal starting pressure and automatically optimises the minimum and maximum pressures over a 5-day window.

The modern design offers a user-friendly interface with ability to review a ‘Quick Report’ or easily access the comprehensive reports via the PAPLink app, PAPLink Portal or Data Analysis Software.

Model Work Mode Pressure
G3 B20A CPAP, S, AutoS CPAP: 4.0 ~ 20.0 cmH2O
IPAP: 4.0 ~ 20.0 cmH2O
EPAP: 4.0 ~ 20.0 cmH2O 0.5 cmH2O increments

Maximum work pressure: 20 cmH2O

For patients who require pressure greater than 20 cmH20 we recommend the G3 B25A machine.


  • G3 Series BiPAP System (G3 B20A) device
  • Heated Humidifier
  • Heated Hose
  • Carry Case
  • SD Card
  • 2 Standard Filters.

Optional Sp02 Module:
An optional Sp02 module is used alongside the G3 BPAP Series to monitor Sp02 and Pulse Rate auxiliary.

Product highlights

Therapies available in the BMC G3 B20A BiPAP Machine System:

Auto Bi-Level Mode – A bi-level mode which responds to both your inhalation and exhalation. The differential pressure of IPAP and EPAP are preset by a home care provider. While working in auto mode, the device will automatically adjust the IPAP and EPAP if it detects a sleep apnea event.

S – A bi-level mode which responds to both your inhalation and exhalation by increasing pressure when you start to inhale and decreasing pressure when you start to exhale. There is no automatic delivery of breathing gas if you do not inhale. IPAP (Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure) and EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure) are preset by a clinician or medical care team.

CPAP – Delivers Continuous Positive Airway Pressure; CPAP maintains a constant level of pressure throughout the breathing cycle. If your health care professional has prescribed ramp for you, you can turn the Knob to reduce the pressure and then gradually increase the pressure to the therapeutic pressure setting so that you can fall asleep more comfortably.

BMC G3 Series B20A features:

  • Bi-Level treatment at comparable price as Auto CPAP machines on the market
  • Multi-stage noise reduction
  • Humidifier pre-heat
  • Smart Bi-Level (Auto S) for optimal starting pressure and optimised minimum and maximum pressures
  • Oscillating Wave Technology to determine which type of apnoeas are best treated with changes in airflow and pressure
  • Auto humidity control to avoid condensation in the tube
  • Auto Ramp senses when the user falls asleep and adjusts the pressure accordingly
  • Carry case.
Device uses

BMC G3 B20A BiPAP Machine System is an auto-adjusting bi-level device, designed to treat sleep apnoea in patients who require advanced pressure support. Bi-Level devices offer greater comfort for patients who require higher pressures – such as over 15cm.

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