Optipillow Reusable EPAP Mask

Optipillow Reusable EPAP Mask

Manufacturer: CPAPNEA

OptiPillow is an adjustable Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) designed to keep the airway open and relieve mild-moderate OSA and snoring. 


Optipillow is a CPAP alternative designed to relieve snoring and mild-moderate OSA.

The OptiPillow is an FDA-cleared and TGA-registered nasal EPAP device.

During Inhalation the user inhales through their nose as normal. During exhalation, the small valve in the device will partially close generating an EPAP pressure.


The EPAP pressure that is generated during exhalation can be adjusted by rotating the sleeve at the front of the device to open or close the valve.

  • With the valve fully open, OptiPillow can generate 1 to 3cm H2O of pressure
  • With the valve 50% closed, OptiPillow can generate 3 to 7cm H2O of pressure​ (similar resistance to Theravent Regular)
  • With the valve 75% closed, OptiPillow can generate 8 to 14cm H2O of pressure (similar resistance to Provent). 

OptiPillow is a travel-friendly solution and can be used on planes, ships, trains, and buses, and also while camping as it is discreet and does not require a power source. Unlike Provent and Theravent, OptiPillow is reusable and does not require any preparation of the skin to be effective.

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The OptiPillow Kit contains: 
  • 1 x OptiPillow Nasal EPAP device
  • 1 x Headgear
  • 3 x sizes of OptiPillows Nasal Pillows (Small, Medium, and Large)
  • User Manual. 
Product highlights
  • The Starter Kit includes all 3 sizes of the OptiPillow Nasal Pillow so patients can find their perfect fit
  • The Optipillow valve can be adjusted to increase or decrease the available EPAP pressure range based on the patient’s needs
  • OptiPillow is reusable. The device should be cleaned regularly and replaced every year
  • OptiPillow is suitable for travel, in-flight, in a hotel, or even while camping, as it does not require a power source.
Device uses

The OptiPillow is suitable for: 

  • People who have mild to moderate OSA
  • People who need a solution for primary snoring
  • People who are compliant with CPAP but would like to have an alternative therapy option while travellingor camping.
It allows me to sleep on my side and it stays in place through the night... I find myself sleeping through the night on a far more regular basis.

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