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BMedical was established as an Australian owned company specialised in sourcing and distributing innovative equipment for Physiological Monitoring and Sleep Disorders.

Our product range has expanded to include consumer and diagnostic medical devices for sleep, respiratory, sport and exercise, travel, and pregnancy.

Our team is committed to sourcing innovative medical and sleep devices to ensure they are introduced to the Australian and New Zealand market.

The BMedical sleep range features new and novel sleep apnea and snoring devices for clinic and consumer use, alongside our sleep diagnostic range which include home sleep testing equipment and actigraphy. Our range of CPAP machines and masks are popular with consumers, as are our alternative snoring devices such as the Bongo RX and innovative chinstraps.

Our range of respiratory products include airway clearance devices, home asthma monitoring and lab respiratory diagnostic equipment. We’re excited to release groundbreaking medical devices such as the Simeox by PhysioAssist.

One of our most exciting product ranges is exercise and industrial science which includes activity monitors; metabolic and CPET systems; medical, sport and industrial cryovests and ingestible core temperature pills.

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Our Team


Ben Greenaway

BMedical Founder and Director

Ben has been at the forefront of sleep apnea treatments since founding CPAP Australia (2003), BMedical (2006) and HomeMed (2011). CPAP Australia grew to be one of the largest and trusted CPAP suppliers in Australia before being acquired by ResMed in 2014.

As a leader in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years, Ben has grown BMedical’s portfolio to focus not just on sleep, but also respiratory, exercise and neuroscience through his network within Australian universities, medical diagnostic groups, hospitals, and industry and defence.
His mission is to ensure international innovative medical and sleep devices are available to the Australian and New Zealand market.

HomeMed was established as a direct-to-consumer webstore to market test BMedical products and meet demand for affordable premium home care therapy products for sleep, respiratory and other health conditions to customers across Australia.

Today, Ben leads BMedical and HomeMed and is invested in building relationships with medical agencies and manufacturers worldwide to increase the product portfolio of both businesses.

When he is not working, Ben spends time on drinking coffee at the beach, or kitesurfing, skiing or mountain biking with his wife and two sons (13 and 17).


Sarah Hull

General Manager

Sarah Hull has been at the coal face of Sleep and Respiratory Medicine for the past 15 years. From working as a clinician, to building healthcare businesses, and working for global wholesalers, Sarah has a passion for the industry and for helping people sleep and breathe better.

Originally from the US, Sarah has travelled the world and found her home in sunny Australia where she enjoys playing volleyball on the beautiful beaches, hiking through the bush with her dogs, volunteering in her local community, and enjoying the diverse cafe and restaurant scene.

After supporting the BMedical team for the past three years as a consultant, she is excited to join the team as the new General Manager and bring innovative medical products to ANZ.


Lachlan Kann

Territory Sales Manager

Lachlan is the National SleepCare Product Manager at BMedical, providing demonstrations, clinician training, and technical support for our range of CPAP and CPAP alternative devices. He brings experience conducting overnight, lab-based sleep studies, and assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

As a fully accredited and BRPT-registered polysomnographic technician, Lachlan consults with Sleep and Respiratory Physicians, CPAP Clinicians, and Sleep Scientists, to provide informed advice and determine the most appropriate SleepCare products and treatment. His primary role is to introduce the BMedical SleepCare product range to potential retail stockists and university researchers to grow our client base in Australia and New Zealand.

Lachlan is also an experienced actor and geneticist, with Bachelor’s degrees in both Theatrical Arts and Genetics. He is also a keen veggie gardener and world traveller.

BMedical is an Australian owned company specialising in the distribution of innovative equipment for Physiological Monitoring and Sleep Disorders.


Exclusive distribution of Philips Actigraphy devices


Launched Provent Advanced Sleep Apnea and Night Shift Side Sleeping Aid


Launched Sleep Profiler and PSG2 for Level 2 Sleep Diagnostics


Launched Theravent Advanced Nightly Snoring Solution


Exclusive distribution and launch of BongoRX Sleep Apnea Therapy device


Exclusive distribution and launch of OptiPillows Reusable EPAP Mask


Exclusive distribution and launch of Physio Assist Simeox Airway Clearance

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