About Us

BMedical supplies innovative diagnostic and treatment products for Sleep, Respiratory, Exercise Science and Industrial Health throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our Sleep Treatment range includes new and novel Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatments.

The Sleep Diagnostic Range includes Home Sleep Testing equipment and Actigraphy.

Respiratory Products include Airway clearance devices, Home Asthma Monitoring and Lab Respiratory Diagnostic Equipment.  Plus R-Tube for exhaled gas research.

Exercise Science Products include Activity Monitors, Metabolic and CPET Systems and Ingestible Core Temperature Pills.

Homemed.com.au is a new web-based store for the BMedical group offering a complete selection of non-prescription sleep treatment and health monitoring products.  To shop or learn more visit www.homemed.com.au.

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MilestonesBrief History of Our Company


Exclusive distribution of Philips Actigraphy devices


Launched Provent Advanced Sleep Apnea and Night Shift Side Sleeping Aid


Launched Sleep Profiler and PSG2 for Level 2 Sleep Diagnostics


Launched Theravent Advanced Nightly Snoring Solution


Exclusive distribution and launch of BongoRX Sleep Apnea Therapy device


Exclusive distribution and launch of OptiPillows Reusable EPAP Mask


Exclusive distribution and launch of Physio Assist Simeox Airway Clearance