BodyCap e-Celsius – Core Body Temperature Capsule



BodyCap e-Celsius Core Body Temperature Ingestible Capsule – Telemetric system for gastrointestinal temperature monitoring

BodyCap is now the gold standard for accurate, reliable heat stress monitoring in sports and occupational physiology. 

BodyCap e-Celsius performance pill measures core body temperature or gastrointestinal temperature. Every 30 seconds, the e-Celsius pill wirelessly transmits internal temperature measurements to an external monitor called the e-Viewer Performance Monitor. The e-celsius activator is used to turn the pill on from standby mode and connect the e-celsius pill with the monitor for data collection in either real-time or internal memory recovery. The e-celsius pill stores measurements for up to 16 hours when away from the monitor. This data is then wirelessly transmitted once the pill is back within the 1-meter range. The pill is safe, non-invasive, and easy to use, leaving the gastric system after one or two days, depending on individual transit time.

IMPORTANT: Please note that in order to use the BodyCap e-celsius pill, you will need the e-celsius activator, as well as the e-celsius performance monitor.

BodyCap e-Celsius Core Temperature smart pills help analyse body temperature during exercise, measure the effectiveness of recovery techniques, and minimise the risk of hypothermia and hyperthermia – The e-Celsius pill has proved particularly useful in tailoring training programs, improving and monitoring player performance in major elite sporting events.  BodyCap electronic pill will help to introduce individual recovery programs for each player, based on their capacity for recovery, their position on the field, and weather conditions.

The central temperature of a patient is one of the variable measures regularly used during diagnosis or therapeutic follow-up in hospitals/research. It can detect a peak in infections, monitor, and prevent the risk of hypothermia.

New Releases:

  1. New configurations allow to retrieve the data from the BodyCap pill: ePerformance Connect “Gateway”, receives and stores temperature data collected by the BodyCap e-Celsius pill. The ePerformance Connect is a wristwatch that sends the data in real-time (or a posteriori) to an Android application (ePerformance Mobile), using Bluetooth (BLE) protocol. Users can use either of the 2 systems – the ePerformance Monitor or ePerformance Connect Gateway based on the research study. The data will be displaced on the connected device; the cvs file can be downloaded from the device at anytime.
  2. e-Perf Mobile AppFor Android Smartphone/Tablet (available on Google Play Store) To configure the ePerformance Connect Gateway and visualize summarised data that is collected & recorded.
  3. If you are currently using the BodyCap system, be sure to upgrade firmware to V5.0.1 on your monitor and e-performance software to V1.3.1 (which has firmware updating integrated within it) 
  4. New 2020 e-celsius Performance Pill version: Synchronization process more reactive, Pill activation more efficient, A resolution at 2 digits (0.01°C)

BodyCap e-Celsius Brochure

The BodyCap e-Celsius System revolutions the collection of core body temperature data for e-health applications.  

Uses include:

  • Research
  • Industrial Health Monitoring – workers exposed to extreme heat 
  • Medical Monitoring (Coming soon!)
  • Sports  – including player performance enhancement and recovery, sports and exercise physiology research

The capsule easily travels and passes through the GI tract without affecting bodily functions. Transmit time varies with the individual; 12-48 hours is typical

Unlike other systems, the revolutionary e-Celsius pill records up to 2000 data points on to the pill.  This eliminates the need for a subject to wear a data logger during the activity such as swimming, long-distance running,  cycling, or a contact sport such as rugby and soccer.  The pill uploads the data from the pill once the e-Viewer Monitor is in range.  Data transition can be set from 5seconds to 5min depending on the sensitivity required.


BodyCap e-Celsius Core Body Temperature Capsule Specifications

  • Comparable in size to a vitamin or a medium gel capsule – 17.7 mm long x 8.9 mm diameter
  • Allows continuous measurement of the patient’s central temperature by gastrointestinal tract.
  • Disposable electronic capsule coated in biocompatible medical-grade plastic.
  • Accuracy +/- 0.2 deg. C (Most Data Points under 0.1 deg)
  • Resolution to 2 decimal places
  • Capsule has a 20 day battery life
  • Sampling: (15sec, 30sec, 1min, 2min or 5min)
  • Operational Temperature Range: 25 °C to 45 °C (77-113°F)
  • Reception Range: Within one meter
  • Battery Life: 20 days transmission (one-year storage)
  • Weight: 1.7 g
  • Wireless Transmission 433MHz
  • Shelf Life : 2 years

Activator, e-Viewer Performance Monitor, and Software required to complete the system.

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