BMedical now distributes the B-Alert Wireless-EEG Systems and Cognitive-State Metrics Software. The B-Alert system empowers experimental complexity as they allow subjects to move untethered within real-world environments.

X4, X10, X24 Headgear

The hardware provides medical-grade, high fidelity EEG and paired with auxiliary channels (available in 4, 10, 24 Channels) for customizing acquisition configurations. The systemís trademarked EEG algorithms allow researchers to objectively measure & analyse cognitive performance in real-time. The system is easily integrated and synchronised with 3rd-party platforms to support a wide range of applications.

Comfortable and very easy-to-use, B-Alert technologies bring scientific grade EEG to real-world environments in a practical design. The ultra low-profile and comfortable fitting headgear allow for 8+ hour recording sessions and seamless integration into scenario-specific headgear. The headsets have easy-to-apply soft-sensor strips that reduce technician training, session set-up time and post-acquisition cleaning.

Researchers continue to discover the versatility of B-Alert wireless-EEG systems in applications such as:

  • Team NeuroDynamics
  • Real-time Fatigue Monitoring
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • ERPs Analysis
  • Academic research
  • Medical research
  • Cognitive Workload
  • Single Trial ERPs

The user interface displays Cognitive State gauges with timeline, EEG heat maps and spectrograms. Delivered in real-time, these second-by-second classifications provide compelling layer of data even with existing study designs.

Cognitive-State Metrics Software

With the optional addition of B-Alert Cognitive States software,real-time metrics of fatigue, stress, distraction, engagement and workload provide objective insight as to how subjects process stimuli and tasks. The extensively validated and scientifically published plug-and-play solution provides users full access to the raw, automatic decontamination and B-Alert Cognitive State Metrics data streams for real-time monitoring, scoring and custom algorithm development