Knightsbridge DUAL BAND Chin Strap

Knightsbridge DUAL BAND Chin Strap

Manufacturer: Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions

The Knightsbridge DUAL BAND Chin Strap has a revolutionary design. The dual bands prevent the jaw from lowering without placing pressure on the jaw joint. Unlike standard neoprene chin straps which wrap around the tip of the chin and force the jaw directly into the jaw joint, the Knightsbridge’s award-winning dual band design lifts from under the jaw and attaches at the temples to produce vertical force which works with the natural rotation of the jaw.


The Most Effective and Comfortable Chin Strap on the Market 

The bands of the Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions chin strap lift vertically from under the jaw, complementing the natural rotation of the jaw. Unlike traditional chin straps that wrap around the tip of the chin and push the jaw backward into the joint—leading to discomfort and potential joint damage over time—this chin strap is designed with two types of bands: an elastic band and a non-elastic band. The non-elastic band helps keep the jaw from dropping, while the elastic band applies a gentle upward force. 

Product highlights

Available in two models – the Premium and the Air Deluxe.

Dual Band PREMIUM:

  • Breathable three-layer net-mesh cap, for improved ventilation
  • Advanced 24 component construction.

Dual Band Air Deluxe: 

  • Three-layer net-mesh cap
  • 24 component construction
  • Earholes for breathability.
Case Studies

Medical Design Excellence Award Winner 2021

Recommended as best by Head of Surgery, Dr. Vik Veer, of the Royal National ENT Hospital, London

Recommended as most effective and comfortable by,,,,,,, and others

The only chin strap named in the Suppliers List of 

I've used CPAP for almost 20 years and have continually had problems with mouth leaks. I've tried several chin straps and all of them either slide out of position at night or uncomfortably pull my jaw back. I've also tried mouth taping which just gets wet and comes loose at night. I finally settled on using a soft cervical collar. While it controlled mouth leaks it was not very comfortable. When I saw the Knightsbridge Dual Band chin strap, I gave it a try. It works much better than any chin strap I've tried and comfortably holds my mouth closed. It controls leaks nearly as well as a collar and it is a lot more comfortable.
Benjamin N, Minnesota

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