BMC G3 CPAP Fixed Pressure Machine with Humidifier and Integrated Heated Tubing



BMC G3 Fixed Pressure CPAP Machine with Humidifier and Integrated Heated Tubing 

The G3 CPAP series is the most advanced premium range of PAP devices released by BMC to date.  The BMC G3 exemplifies a new standard in affordable CPAP therapy in Australia. Available in fixed pressure, Auto CPAP and Bi-Level models.

The BMC G3 CPAP series features a intuitive menu systems with real-time data display.  The Intelligent Auto settings that allow the device to adapt to both the user and their environment. The G3 comes standard with a humidifier, integrated heated tubing, and fine-particle/pollen filter box.

Accessing patient data is quick and easy with the BMC PAP Link software program and PAP Link App.

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Features of the BMC G3 CPAP series:

  • Super Quiet Operation with multi-stage noise reduction technology
  • Auto-Humidity Control
  • Pre-Heating Humidifier Option Available
  • Auto-Ramp feature Senses patients Sleep/Wake State
  • Central Apnoea Detection
  • Optional Smart CPAP-Adjusting Pressure Treatment based on pressures from previous 5 nights of use
  • Fine-Particle Pollen Filter and Silencer (6 month life)
  • 5 methods of data access including:
    • On Screen display,
    • SD Card via PAP Link PC software
    • SD Card quick report via
    • Wifi – optional module, data available to homecare provider only at
    • PAP Link Mobile app available for QR code data access
  • Accessory Change Reminder function
  • RESlex – with three comfort settings – (Drops pressure on exhalation to make breathing easier)
  • 5 heater settings on heated humidifier and heated tube
  • Real-time alert for tubing/mask leak
  • 4-20 cm therapy pressure
  • Optional Accessories
    • SPO2 Oximetry Sensor
    • WIFI Module

PAP Link app is another innovative feature unique to BMC that allows you easily access to your sleep therapy on your smartphone.  When the device is switched off a QR code is automatically shown on the screen.  This can be scanned by the BMC PAP Link app.  It shows information such as compliance hours, average pressure, AHI, and leak rate. Tracking your sleep data has never been easier.

Example PAP Link Auto CPAP report with optional Sp02

Example Report From PAP Link App

What’s included with the BMC G3 CPAP Machine?  

  • Fixed Pressure CPAP Machine with Smart Humidifier and Integrated Heated Tubing
  • Power Cord/ Adaptor
  • Heated Tubing
  • Travel carry bag
  • Quick Operation Guide
  • 4GB SD card
  • Air Filter
  • Optional fine particle/pollen filter – replace every 6 months
  • User Manual