BMC G3 Automatic CPAP (APAP) with Humidifier and Integrated Heated Tubing

BMC G3 Automatic CPAP (APAP) with Humidifier and Integrated Heated Tubing

Manufacturer: BMC

The BMC G3 Automatic CPAP (APAP) with Humidifier and Integrated Heated Tubing, embodies the new standard of auto-adjusting pressure CPAP devices. It features remote monitoring, validated algorithms, a suite of comfort settings to assist with patient compliance; at a value price.


The BMC G3 APAP with Humidifier and Integrated Heated Tubing exemplifies a new standard in affordable APAP therapy in Australia. The G3 APAP device has intelligent auto settings that allow the device to adapt to both the user and their environment including: adjustable algorithm sensitivity, automatic humidity control, as well as an optional feature that adjusts the treatment based on recent therapy results.

Accessing patient data is quick and simple using the BMC iCode Connect software. Patients can access their own data by using the PAPLink Companion App, which is available for Android and iOS.

Device Inclusions: 

  • Auto CPAP Machine with Smart Humidifier and Integrated Heated Tubing
  • Power Cord/ Adaptor
  • Heated Tubing
  • Travel carry bag
  • Quick Operation Guide
  • 4GB SD card
  • Air Filter
  • Optional fine particle/pollen filter – replace every 6 months
  • User Manual
  • Free access to the BMC PAPLink Companion App.
Product highlights

Features of the BMC G3 APAP series:

  • Device come in white or black
  • Quiet operation with multi-stage noise reduction technology
  • 4-20cm H20 therapy pressure
  • Validated algorithms with clinician controls for algorithm sensitivity
  • Optional SmartA feature that adjusts treatment based on recent therapy results
  • Central apnoea detection
  • Auto-ramp
  • RESlex – with three comfort settings which reduces pressure on exhalation
  • Multiple methods of data access including:
    • On Screen display,
    • SD Card via PAP Link software
    • Remote monitoring via iCode Connect Cloud
    • PAP Link patient app
  • Adjustable humidifier and heated tube settings, including auto humidity and pre-heating options
  • Accessory replacement reminders
  • Real-time leak alert
  • The BMC G3 APAP is TGA registered
  • Optional Accessories
    • SpO2 Oximetry Sensor
    • Fine-particle filter for dust and pollen (6 month life).


Device uses

Suitable for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

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