CryoVest Sport- Best cooling vest for sportsmen



The CryoVest Sport can be used for pre-cooling, during exercise and for post activity cooling. The CryoVest Sport has been a preferred equipment of elite sports including Tour de France, Olympics Teams and more. Physical benefits of the CryoVest Sport include: stable heart rate, hydration stabilisation, improved energy efficiency.

Post cooling physical benefits include: faster heart rate reduction, improved muscle rebuilding and stabilises the body temperature after a workout/sports competition. The CryoVest Sport is integrated with 8 removable FirstICE packs for maximum surface contact and faster temperature regulation. CryoVest vests were originally developed for French athletes selected at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. CryoVest Sport  provides 2 hours + of comfortable thermo regulation and 45 minutes of residual cooling.

Cryovest features:

  • Made up of removable cold packs to save freezer space
  • Remains dry throughout the therapy
  • Upto 2 hours of cooling
  • The long-lasting, non-aggressive cold allows direct skin contact with no risk of cryo burns
  • Lightweight (less than 2 kilos, the lightest in the market)

The CryoVest Sport

  • For all athletes exercising under extreme heat, in order to reduce fatigue and to prevent dehydration.
  • For endurance and team sports.
  • For all sports conducted in neutral environment (64 to 72°F)
  • Integrates 8 FirstIce Cold bags (4 cold bags in the front and 4 cold bags at the back)

Size chart: