METAMAX 3B Mobile CPET System

METAMAX 3B Mobile CPET System

Manufacturer: Cortex

METAMAX 3B Mobile CPET System is a mobile spiroergometer device for cardiopulmonary exercise testing, designed for outdoor performance and testing physical limits in occupational medicine.

Used by German astronaut Alexander Gerst embarked on a research trip on the ISS. 


Suitable for outdoor sports, the METAMAX 3B Mobile CPET system is a spiroergometer operated using a laptop, the Smart Control or completely autonomously. Data can also be synchronized using the application software, MetaSoft Studio. The METAMAX 3B Mobile 3PET system uses a powerful GPS module to determine the velocity and location of the test person while automatically considering changes in altitude to give an accurate depiction of stress factors.

With a weight of just under 600 g, the METAMAX® 3B is the lightest mobile spiroergometer on the market. This decisive advantage in many disciplines, because in field tests, the total weight of the subject increases only minimally and has little influence on your test results. Children’s Harness also available

Whether in snow and ice at temperatures of down to 10 ° C below zero, or in the desert at temperatures up to 40 ° C, the METAMAX® 3B calibrates extreme outside temperatures.

Swim Option for METAMAX 3B Mobile CPET System

The Swim Option for METAMAX 3B facilitates performance diagnostics whilst swimming freestyle or backstroke in the pool, flow channel or open water using the ergonomically designed snorkel with integrated saliva suction and splash water protection. It also offers an integrated heart rate module with 5kHz technology, 12-hour battery operating time and a shock proof transport case.

  • Long calibration times
  • Ability to swap sample lines mid-test
  • Reusable or Disposable Turbines
  • Full integration with CUSTOMED ECG Systems to allow control of and results of the CPX testing in either software.
  • Full integration with PhysioFlow for non-invasive cardiac output monitoring.  The Physioflow is controlled from the Cortex-Medical METASOFT STUDIO Software.  The cardiac output results are displayed within the Cortex METASOFT STUDIO CPET report.
  • Can be used interchangeably with the METALYZER and METACONTROL 3000

New Releases: MetaSoft®Studio 5.12.0

Product highlights
  • Ultralight, mobile Breath-by-Breath system (580 g)
  • Designed for outdoor performance diagnostics
  • Insensitive to extreme environment conditions- altitude, temperature, humidity & movement.    
  • Telemetric range of over 1,000m (bi-directional telemetry with Bluetooth technology)
  • Chest and back carrying system
  • Convenient control via Smart Control, laptop or as stand-alone
  • 6-hour battery life
  • 400 hours data storage
  • Constant dynamic flow control
  • Flexible audio signals
  • METASOFT STUDIO Software for the ultimate flexibility.
Device uses

Suitable for use in extreme temperatures and all heights, the METAMAX 3B Mobile CPET System is ideal for assessing outdoor athletic performance and testing physiological limits in occupational medicine for industries such as firefighting. 

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