Metabolic REE Canopy Interface



Cortex-Medical’s canopy solution offers solid and accurate measurement through MetaLyzer 3B (R3).  The MetaLyzer offers many advantages over other CPET systems including:  Long Calibration times (28 Days for O2Cell), Small, Compact and neat with Battery solution.  The MetaSoft Studio Software is the most advanced CPET software on the market today.  MetaSoft Studio offers free updates and is customizable to show you only what you want to see.  Automate for Clinical or Research use or simplify for teaching.

  • Completely automatic hood ventilation control “gold standard” for BMR/RMR
  • Higher tolerance to Canopy helmet instead of mask
  • Suitable for long measurements (without a mask)
  • Easy cleaning/disinfection with wet wipes (only hood and veil necessary)
  • Usage of filters replaces the disinfection of Canopy tubes

Measuring both RMR(Resting Metabolic Rate) and BMR(Base Metabolic Rate) the canopy expands the possible clinical and research uses of the MetaLyzer and MetaMax systems.


BMR/RMR Display in MetaSoft Studio