Metabolic REE Canopy Interface



Canopy Option for Metalyzer 3B CPET System – The extension for measuring the basal metabolic rate and resting metabolic rate

Cortex-Medical’s canopy solution offers accurate measurement through MetaLyzer 3B (R3). With the CANOPY option for the METALYZER 3B, you expand your diagnostic options by measuring the basal metabolic rate and resting metabolic rate, even without impairing the test person with a mask. The scope of delivery includes the CANOPY basic device, a hood with suction hose and Pulmosafe virus and bacteria filter.

Automate for Clinical or Research use or simplify for teaching.

  • Completely automatic hood ventilation control “gold standard” for BMR/RMR
  • Reliable measurement according to the gold standard.
  • Higher tolerance to Canopy helmet instead of mask
  • Suitable for long measurements (without a mask)
  • Easy cleaning/disinfection with wet wipes (only hood and veil necessary)
  • Usage of filters replaces the disinfection of Canopy tubes
  • High patient safety due to the automatic alarm function

Note: Use only with the MetaLyzer 3B

The system contains et al. 

  • Basic Unit
  • Hood with veil
  • Tube
  • Disposable Bacterial-and- viral filter (Pulmosafe)

Cortex METALYZER 3B – The basic device for the CANOPY – In order to be able to use the CANOPY option, you need our spiroergometry device Cortex METALYZER 3B. It enables the complete medical functional analysis of the lungs, heart and metabolism at rest and under stress.

Measuring both RMR(Resting Metabolic Rate) and BMR(Base Metabolic Rate) the canopy expands the possible clinical and research uses of the MetaLyzer and MetaMax systems.


BMR/RMR Display in MetaSoft Studio

Additional information

Additional information

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