Unique solution of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing/ CPET for High-Performance Swimming.

Even in swimming sports, gas exchange analysis is an important instrument for the further improvement of sporting achievements. CORTEX enables you to conduct tests of performance physiology in water using the Cortex METASWIM which was developed for swimmers. With the specifically designed snorkels for backstroke and freestyle, the physical fitness and performance of swimmers can be examined in the flow channel, in the pool, or in open water. During measurement, the saliva will be automatically removed, which eliminates impairment for the swimmer as well as for the measuring procedure. Additionally, there is a water-splash protection shield, mounted on the snorkel that avoids intrusion of water.

During the performance test, the CORTEX telemetric device sends accurate data wirelessly to the MetaSoft Studio software which guarantees an exact analysis of physical parameters. A new heart
rate measuring system, specially developed for swimming, provides a reliable heart rate measurement.

  • The swimmer is equipped with intelligent splash-free snorkel solutions to work with all strokes. IE: backstroke and freestyle snorkel included.
  • Accessory kit for METAMAX (all existing METAMAX 3BR2 can be “upgraded” to a METASWIM solution).
  • Hand luggage size trolley (all measurement will be in an easy to handle trolley with wheels).
  • Trolley’s weight including METAMAX and all measurement technology is less than 10 kg.
  • METAMAX is fully water protected, like all other components as they are based in the waterproof trolley.
  • Sample line and flow meter cable are 3m and will be directed from snorkel to trolley with a help of a light weighted pole
  • Heart rate is collected via radio signal and transformed to Bluetooth transmitter in the snorkel to transmit to the METAMAX.
  • Saliva suction system will guide saliva and water which may get in the snorkel back to the water by pumping the liquids out
  • Tests will be controlled via Smart Control Tablet, evaluation of test will be done in powerful MetaSoft Studio software

MetaSoft Studio software options:

  • Spirometry
  • Energy Metabolism
  • Performance Assessment
  • Exercise Scheduler
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 5 kg