Cortex MetaSwim

Cortex MetaSwim

Manufacturer: Cortex

Cortex Meta Swim is a unique solution for cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) for high performance swimmers.


CORTEX MetaSwim was specifically developed to analyse gas exchange and performance physiology in competitive swimmers. The ergonomically designed snorkel features integrated saliva removal and splash protection, making it suitable for assessment during backstroke or freestyle in the pool, flow channel or open water.

During the performance test, the CORTEX telemetric device sends accurate data wirelessly to the MetaSoft Studio software which guarantees an exact analysis of physical parameters. A new heart
rate measuring system, specially developed for swimming, provides a reliable heart rate measurement.

MetaSoft Studio software options:

  • Spirometry
  • Energy Metabolism
  • Performance Assessment
  • Exercise Scheduler



Product highlights
  • Ergonomic snorkel including saliva removal and splash protection
  • Accessory kit for METAMAX
  • Complete set up weighs less than 10kg
  • Heart rate is captured via radio signal and trasmuted using Bluetooth transmitter in the snorkel
  • Tests controlled via Smart Control Tablet while evaluation completed using MetaSoft Studio Software
Device uses

Ideal for use in competitive swimmers, the Cortex MetaSwim givers users a high performance edge by understanding cardiopulmonary function, gas exchange and metabolic information. The trolley weight including METAMAX and all measuring technology is less than 10kg and is hand luggage size, making it convenient for travel.

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