Ben Greenaway

Since founding both CPAP Australia (in 2003) and BMedical (in 2006), Ben has been at the forefront of providing sleep apnoea treatments. CPAP Australia grew to be one of the largest and trusted CPAP suppliers in Australia. He established HomeMed in 2011 – as the direct-to-consumer webstore for BMedical products – to meet demand for affordable premium home care therapy products for sleep, respiratory and other health conditions to customers across Australia.

After ResMed acquired CPAP Australia in 2014, Ben spent nearly two years as their Australian Retail Sales Director – to integrate CPAP Australia and several other acquisitions into ResMed’s operations.

As a leader in the healthcare industry for over 25 years, Ben has grown BMedical’s portfolio to focus not just on sleep, but also respiratory, exercise and neuroscience. He has worked with most Australian universities, medical diagnostic groups, hospitals, and with industry and defence – supplying advanced medical and research equipment. 

From the COVID-19 crisis, Ben began leveraging BMedical and HomeMed’s extensive network – and trade and logistics expertise – to provide large volumes of PPE to help protect essential workers. He firmly believes that a healthy supply of vital PPE for businesses and consumers is essential for keeping our workplaces and communities safe. 

Today, Ben leads BMedical, HomeMed and PEPE Australia – a manufacturer of PEP devices that aid in airway clearance and sports physiotherapy. He also directly engages over a dozen other medical agencies and manufacturers from around the world.

Ben is a husband and father of two boys, who are 10 and 13 years old. His hobbies include kitesurfing and mountain biking. 

Other career highlights include…