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You can download a demo copy of the latest Actiware software. It will be fully functional for a period of 30 days after installation. If you own a copy of Actiware and you are setting up on a new PC, download the software and then visit the :Register Actiware” section.

Download Actiware Software

If you have an unregistered copy of Actiware on your PC it will need to be registered within 30 days of installing. After 30 days the software will no longer be active. If you already own a copy of Actiware but have re-installed it follow the “Register your copy of Actiware” procedure to re-activate your software.

Register your copy of Actiware

If you have a faulty Actiwatch please click below and go through the Trouble Shooting Guide to see if it can help you resolve or identify the issue.

Actiwatch Trouble Shooting Guide

If you have a faulty Actiwatch please commence the return authorisation procedure to send the device back for service.

Obtain Actiwatch Return Authorisation

Night Shift Sleep Positioner

  1. Make sure you have the the latest version of Java Installed on your Computer. Install Java or Check My Version of Java
  2. Enhanced Interface of the Night Shift software:
    Portal now works with all browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge,Internet Explorer
  3. Eliminates the need to update Java once it is initially installed and the browser settings are made. Directions for setting up a browser
  4. Night Shift portal now opens in a new window with a new look.
  5. Application for the Night Shift software can now be placed on your desktop
  6. After first use of the software, you will be asked to place an icon on the desktop of your computer.
  7. Once icon is on desktop, software can be accessed by double clicking the icon on the desktop. (NOTE: you must have internet access to use the Night Shift software)
  8. If you do NOT put the icon on your desktop, the software can be accessed by going to the Night Shift portal and clicking the Register & Manage Device/Generates Report button.
  1. Open the NightShift Portal – Access the Night Shift Portal
  2. Plug in the Night Shift into a USB port. If it does not work please reference the”Set-up a pc to be able to use the Night Shift Portal” on this page.
  3. Once the portal is open select “Register & Manage Device – Generate Reports” 






4. If prompted to update your firmware click yes and follow the procedure to update the firmware.

5. If prompted to update device time & date make sure that the procedure is followed. This will synchronise the night shift clock with the computer.

6. Click on register device to register the Night Shift to a user

7. Complete the registration screen. If the patient does not have an email address it may be omitted. After submitting the form you will be returned to the main menu.

8. Select the “Manage Device option”

9. Select the option “Trail Mode” this setting will record data only on the first night of use which will provide a baseline night for the users positional habits. From the second night onward the device will provide therapy. The effectiveness of the device will then be documented and can be read by accessing the Night Shift report. To learn how to read a Night Shift report please check the “Learn How To Read A Night Shift Report” section on this page.

The Night Shift provides actigraphy, positional and snoring data. It provides 6 detailed nights after which it then formats the data into monthly reports. The Night Shift can store 365 days of data. Once the memory is full the oldest night is replaced with the newest. If a baseline night was recorded it will always remain on the device. There is also a yearly report with a monthly summary all on the one page.

It is important to understand how to read the reports to determining if position therapy is providing the desired treatment for a patient. The data can also be helpful when determining if positional therapy is an appropriate co-therapy with the use of CPAP, MAS devices, Provent or Theravent.

Learn how to read a Night Shift report

How to use the Night Shift and the Night Shift portal

If you are experiencing issues with your Night Shift please follow the steps in this Night Shift trouble shooting guide.  If you still have problems after following the steps click the Obtain Service Return Authorisation button at the end of the next page.

Night Shift Trouble Shooting Guide