The Smart CO Transfer system offers the worlds most advanced DLCO system.  Offering Fast, linear and selective DLCO gas analysis for precise CO transfer testing..  The system can be used independently as a combined Spirometer and Diffusion system or combined with the Smart PFT Body.

This system is designed for quick screening of CO-diffusion capacity. The gas sampling method allows testing of patients with very low vital capacity starting from approximately 0.7 liters. The test runs fully automatic and gives online all necessary instructions on how to perform the test. The system registers and displays real-time all important test signal data like gas concentrations, volume and mouth pressure.

  • Selective and fast infra-red gas analyser measuring transfer and inert gas (CO & CH4)
  • Particular and precise gas supply by a demand valve for reduced gas consumption.
  • Input mask for Hb values and correlating recalculation of test results
  • Automatic altitude corrections by built in ambient pressure sensor.
  • Simple one button calibration
  • Online display of mouth pressure during breath holding.
  • The Gas analyser works without absorber products.
Options Available

  • Challenge test
  • Rhinomanometry
  • Respiratory drive test (P01/Pmax)
  • Rocc
  • SpO2-device
  • GDT Interface
  • HL7 Interface
  • Cortex_Medical CPET Integration
  • Upgrade Path to  Smart pft Body (Full Plethysmography system)
Key Software Features

  • GLI 2012, actual predicted
  • SQL Data base
  • Software created using most advanced WPF programming tools
  • Meets all ATS and ERS Standards
  • Can be upgraded any time
  • Automated data base backup routine
  • AutoZeroing: No need for the patient to move from the device
  • Print editor, to create and / or modify customised print templates