The Smart pft body plethysmography system offers an innovative design to improve patient experience and access.  The smart pft box offers unique double opening doors to improve access for patients with reduced mobility.  The oval shape reduces the feeling of being trapped inside a box.  It offers an extremely low floor with a step of less than 10cm together with handrails to ensure easy access.  An optional special chair mounted on a telescopic arm may be optioned.

The smart pft body plethysmography system has very low running costs both in terms of staff time through easy and automatic calibration plus the use of stable materials to ensure its long life.

Options Available

  • Challenge test
  • Rhinomanometry
  • Respiratory drive test (P01/Pmax)
  • Rocc
  • SpO2-device
  • GDT Interface
  • HL7 Interface
  • Cortex Medical CPET Integration
Key Software Features

  • GLI 2012, actual predicted
  • SQL Data base
  • Software created using most advanced WPF programming tools
  • Meats all ATS and ERS Standards
  • Can be upgraded any time
  • Automated data base backup routine
  • Auto Zeroing: No need for the patient to move from the device.
  • Print editor, to create and / or modify customised printed templates
  • Incentives