NightShift Lateral Sleep Positioner



Interactive & Intelligent Monitoring to discourage supine sleep – Positional Therapy

The NightShift device by Advanced Brain Monitoring is designed to treat snoring and positional OSA by discouraging the patient from sleeping in a supine position with vibrational feedback therapy. The Night Shift device is worn around the patient’s neck or across the chest during sleep and records both positional & snoring data. When the NightShift device detects supine sleep, it emits a gentle vibration to alert the patient and encourage them to move to a lateral sleep position. The Night Shift device measures position, movement, and sound and uses vibrational feedback to discourage supine sleep.

• Therapy Mode and Monitoring Mode
• Adjustable neck strap with magnetic clasp
• USB charging/data upload port
• Rechargeable lithium battery
• Free online portal to view patient data
• Detailed report generation

• Lightweight device for increased comfort
• Intelligent device to encourage lateral sleeping
• Monitors up to 365 days of user compliance, treatment efficacy, sleep efficiency, sleep fragmentation and loud snoring
• Clinically proven to treat Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (POSA) and snoring, improve sleep architecture and sleep continuity, reduce sleep apnea symptoms e.g. daytime sleepiness etc.
• 3 nights of use with rechargeable lithium battery
• Free Online Portal to view patient data

Warranty: NightShift Device – 2 Year Warranty | Neck Strap – 6 months | Chest Belt – 6 months

Replacement parts:

  • Neck Strap – accommodates neck sizes from 12 to 22 inches (30 – 55 cm)
  • Chest Belt – Fits chest sizes up to 59”

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