HeadaTerm – Anti-Migraine TENS Device



HeadaTerm – Anti-Migraine Device

HeadaTerm uses neuromodulation technology by sending precise electrical pulses to the target area in the brain and blocks vomiting signals from brain to stomach.


  • Clinically proven and drug free
  • No side effects
  • Effective against Migraine headaches: Migraine, Cluster Migraine, Tension headache
  • User-friendly
  • Optional Electric Stimulation Intensity: The intensity of the treatment will increase to the strongest level within 5 minutes. During this period, users can choose the appropriate intensity according to their own experience to achieve the best effect. Press the button once to maintain the intensity.
  • Energy-efficient: Long standby mode, Operates for over seven hours
  • Compact, Portable & disposable, making it convenient not only to use at home or at the office, but also on trips and outdoor travelling.
  • CE certified


How does it Work?

Primary headaches, like migraine, are transmitted by the supraorbital nerve and the supratrochlear nerve. HeadaTerm uses none-invasive external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (eTNS) technology that introduces electric impulses from the user’s forehead to act on these nerves and reduce the migraine signals transmitted. The device avoids any drug effects, making it appropriate for a wide range of users. Every device contains 21 rounds of standard therapies, each standard therapy lasts 20 minutes. The minimum operation span of each device is 7 hours.

Once the device has started, the intensity of the treatment will increase to the strongest level within 5 minutes. During this period you can stop the increase and maintain the intensity by pressing the button once. The device will automatically shut down after 20 minutes of treatment. HeadaTerm is designed to be an affordable innovative technology that provides access to a drug-free treatment to everyone.

For wholesale/dealer inquiries please contact sales@bmedical.com.au or call 1300 767 279. 

Customers looking to purchase a single device can do so on our consumer website: www.homemed.com.au