EmeTerm Morning Sickness Band-Blue



Relieve nausea, retching or vomiting with the EmeTerm Antiemetic Stimulator Band!
(includes NEW updated wristband)

EmeTerm is a safe and effective drug free anti-nausea relief wrist band that prevents and relieves nausea and vomiting caused by morning sickness including Hyperemesis gravidarum (during pregnancy) , motion sickness (while riding a car, a boat, or a plane), Post-Operative Nausea & Vomiting (PONV) and medically induced nausea (e.g. Chemotherapy). The anti-nausea and vomiting relief band- EmeTerm sends pulsating signals to your brain, which in turn reduces nausea you feel in your stomach. You can choose from five different intensities, depending on the severity of nausea you are experiencing.

EmeTerm is a safe alternative to relieve morning sickness for expectant mothers. The device is activated when you feel the onset of nausea and vomiting and turned off when symptoms go away.

The product is designed to meet the IP65 rating, making it completely dust-proof and water-resistant. The band is made with hypo-allergenic material and the device is equipped with specialized electrodes that maximize the electrical conductivity. The product also magnetically charged for convenience and lasts up to nine hours per charge.


  • Morning sickness associated with pregnancy
  • Motion sickness associated with travel sickness (seasickness, car sickness, VR dizziness, Altitude stress, airplane sickness)
  • Vomiting caused by chemotherapy


  • Safe to use & User-friendly
  • Hypoallergenic, Water-resistant, Dust-proof
  • CE Certified, Winner of iF Design Award 2017
  • Therapeutic device indicated for use in the prevention and treatment of Vomiting and Nausea.
  • Targeted Neuro Modulation.
  • Fast drug-free relief from nausea, retching and vomiting.
  • Patented Ergonomics Designs
  • No conductivity gel required
  • Standard therapy using targeted electric current
  • SizeFits 5.1″-8.9″ wrists

Advantages of using EmeTerm:

The anti-nausea and vomiting wristband- EmeTerm works by stimulating the median nerve – this contacts the antiemetic center in the brain and sends an opposite signal down to the stomach to prevent and relieve nausea and vomiting.

  • EmeTerm takes a whole new approach to prevent users from experiencing nausea and vomiting and to help relieve users who are already experiencing them.
  • No Side Effects
  • Quick Effect
  • Rechargeable
  • Military Grade Waterproof
  • The strap has a length ranging from 5.1-8 inches