Cryovest Industry Cooling Vest

The CryoVest Industry is suitable for all workers exposed to intense heat such as the metallurgy, iron, steel, mining, agricultural, construction and fire industry.



Cryovest Industry Cooling Vest- Personnel Protective Equipment for Heat Stress and Thermal Stress

The CryoVest Industry cooling vest is suitable for all workers exposed to intense heat such as steel, metallurgy, agriculture, firefighting, food service/catering employees, fruit pickers, agriculture, landscaping, police, construction workers, roofers, road workers, welders, cargo handlers, and other professionals working in hot industrial environments and areas where workers face significant heat stress.

The CryoVest Industry cooling vest can also be used as a medical thermoregulation cooling vest for MS and other heat-related illnesses (NDIS funded) as well as a cooling vest for Sports. Cryovest Industry maintains and restores cognitive function of workers exposed to high temperatures. It has psychological and symptomatic benefits improving alertness, comfort and productivity. It may therefore help prevent workplace injuries.

The only difference/advantage between the CyoVest when compared to the other cooling vests available in the market – these cooling vests remain dry throughout the cooling period, slowly releases cold therapy and most importantly releases long-lasting, non-aggressive cold allowing you to wear it directly on the skin without the risk of burns.

CryoVest High Vis Cooling Vest also available with reflective tape for extra visibility. The CryoVest industry cooling vest comfortably fits under fire, hazmat, and full body protection suits or even regular clothing.

  • Made with fire-resistant fabric (Quality Bodyguard NOMEX)
  • Remains dry throughout and clean, not soggy, and soaking wet unlike evaporative cooling vests.
  • Suitable for all types of workers exposed to extreme heat. It fits perfectly with the technical requirements of a professional garment and high-quality PPE.
  • Provides lumbar and back support
  • Lightweight (less than 2kgs)
  • Strengthens workplace safety
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable (does not restrict or impede movements)
  • Provides 2 hours + of comfortable thermoregulation and 45 mins of residual cooling in extreme environments

Also available:

  • Surgical Cooling Vests or Cooling Vest for operating room staff also available.
  • High Visibility Cooling Vests
  • Sports Cooling Vests
  • Medical Cooling Vests for MS.

CRYOVEST Industry integrates 8 FirstIce cold bags (must be cooled in the freezer for 2 hours only)

  • 4 cold bags (15 X 15 cms) in the front,
  • 4 cold bags in the back

FirstIce cold packs

  • FirstICE maintains ideal on-patient temperatures up to 4 hours.
  • FirstICE outlasts traditional gel (up to 5.4 times longer)
  • FirstICE conforms to the body, no shock from extreme cold against skin
  • Freezing FirstICE packs is 50% quicker.
  • The welded nylon makes FirstICE incredibly tough and non-toxic

Physiological Advantages:

  • Restore the heart rate to a stable condition
  • Reduced dehydration (less sweating)
  • Improves thermal comfort
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Improves energy efficiency

Phycho-congitive advantages:

  • Maintains memory and motor skills function
  • Improves reaction time
  • Increases vigilance and has a direct impact on productivity and safety

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