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BMedical is the Exclusive Australian Distributor for CryoVest from BodyCAP.

New Products for 2019

  • CryoVest Sport
  • CryoVest Comfort
  • CryoVest Industrial

About Cryovest

CryoVest is a high performance cooling vest designed for workers, sportsmen that are exposed to extreme heat sources and face health related issues linked in thermal stress.

Cryovest features:

  • Lightweight (less than 2 kilos, the lightest in the market)
  • Comfortable with Lumbar and Dorsal support (100 mm elastic straps)
  • Good weight distribution for improved comfort, and it is possible to change the weight of the vest according to the specific areas to cool.
  • Ergonomic: easy to put on, to adjust rapidly, and doesn’t impede movements during exercise.
  • Ensures constant coolness
  • Improves the thermic comfort
  • Remains dry throughout the therapy
  • Diffusion of a long-lasting, non-aggressive cold allows direct contact with no risk of cryo burns
  • Autonomy : cold diffusion for 1 hour when worn.
  • Made up of 8 removable cold packs: 4 on the front and 4 behind
  • Maintains a constant temperature without harming the body
  • Prevents injuries such as tendinitis, strain, muscular fatigue
  • Allows a better muscular and corporal recovery.


Physical benefits of the CryoVest during:


  • Maintains a constant heart rate
  • Stabilizes the water status
  • Improved energy efficiency (+ 15.8%)


  • Stabilizes the heart rate
  • Gain of 7 BPM after 20 minutes
  • Restores water status

CryoVest incorporates First + Ice technology thermo regulation:

  • Long duration cold (About 2 hours).
  • Non-aggressive (temperature between 1 ° and 5 ° C), no risk of burns.
  • flexible to allow fitted vests
  • remain malleable when cold.

How to use the CryoVest?
During training
Before: Wear the vest shirtless 20-30 minutes before starting the training with the possibility of wearing it during training.
During: Wear the vest shirtless at the beginning of training during the recovery periods or with less stress (during 10 to 15 minutes)
After: Wear the vest shirtless during at least 20 to 30 minutes, just after the training and especially if the external climates conditions are more than 25°C.

During competition
Before: Wear the vest shirtless 20 to 30 minutes before the warm up or in cloakrooms.
During: Depending on the sport, wear the vest during the half at least 10 minutes.
After: Wear the vest shirtless at least 20 minutes, just after the competition to allow a better recovery and restore the water status.


Cryovest is a high performing cooling vest integrated with long last cold technology FirstICE and is ideal for:

  • high-level athletes & sportsmen to cope with heat during physical preparation, prior to a sporting competition, and post training session to help boost physical recovery.
  • Professionals exposed to extreme heat such as the Metallurgy, Iron and Steel, Fire industry.
  • Individuals suffering from heat related conditions, patients with multiple sclerosis.

CryoVest Sport- Best cooling vest for Sportsmen

The CryoVest Sport can be used in pre-cooling during physical preparation, before a sports competition, during warm up & post-cooling phase to increase you physical recovery. The CryoVest Sport has been a preferred equipment of elite sport including Tour de France, Olympics and more. Physical benefits of the CryoVest Sport include: constant heart rate, hydration stabilisation, improved energy efficiency.. Post cooling physical benefits include: helps stabilize the heart rate, prevents depleted and dehydrated muscles, allows improved muscle rebuilding and stabilising the body after a workout/sports competition. The CryoVest Sport is integrated with 8 removable FirstICE packs allowing you to better regulate your body temperature at 37 ° C. CryoVest vests were originally developed for French athletes selected at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. CryoVest Sport  provides 2 hours + of comfortable thermo regulation and 45 minutes of residual cooling.

The CryoVest Sport are ideal for

  • For all athletes exercising under extreme heat, in order to reduce fatigue and to prevent dehydration.
  • For endurance and team sports.
  • For all sports conducted in neutral environment (64 to 72°F)

CryoVest Medical/Comfort/Bolero 



The CryoVest Comfort have recently been increasing in popularity for the benefits it brings to those that suffer MS (Multiple Sclerosis). MS tends to flare up during summer/hot weather and on those days using a cooling vest for MS has been proven to reduce discomfort and continue to be physically active. The CryoVest Comfort has found applications in sport for pre-cooling, cooling and recovery.

  • Lightweight & shorter
  • Easy to wear
  • Provides excellent freedom of movement

Cryovest Industrial

The CryoVest Industry is suitable for all workers exposed to intense heat such as the metallurgy, iron, steel, mining, agricultural, construction and fire industry. This cooling vest maintains and restores cognitive function of workers exposed to high temperatures. It also has psychological benefits improving alertness, comfort and productivity thus preventing workplace injuries. Cryovest was tested in constant collaboration with researchers at INSEP (Paris) (The National Institute of Sport for Expertise and Performance).

  • Made with fire-resistant fabric
  • Does not hinder movement
  • Provides lumbar and back support
  • Reduces thermal stress
  • Lightweight
  • Strengthens workplace safety
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