BodyCap ePerformance Connect



BodyCap ePerformance Connect

BodyCap ePerformance Connect or “Gateway”, receives and stores temperature data collected by the BodyCap e-celsius capsule. BodyCap ePerformance Connect is a wristwatch; that sends data in real time or when connected to an Android app, using Bluetooth (BLE) protocol.(iPhone coming soon) Data is displayed on the smartphone or tablet; the CSV file can be downloaded from the device at anytime.

The BodyCap e-Celsius System revolutions the collection of continuous core body temperature data under heat stress. The data collected by BodyCap e-celcius pills provide insights into the level of heat stress in individuals and can help to elaborate recommendations, guidelines, and policies for the individual’s health protection. Core body temperature is recorded using e-Celsius ingestible capsules and e-Viewer receivers which provide one recording every 30 – 60s. Data is stored in the e-celcius capsule and synchronized twice a day.


  • Performance assessment/optimization
  • Thermoregulation Heat acclimatization
  • Hypothermia/Hyperthermia prevention
  • Warm-up recovery process optimization
  • Endurance performance in hot environments (for eg farmworkers in fields, workers in mines, firefighters, deployed Service members)

BodyCap e-celcius Core Body Temperature System has created opportunities for customized activity modification guidelines (AMGs)for heat stress aim to optimize performance, maintain work efficiency, and protect individuals from exertional heat illnesses and their associated morbidity and mortality.



  • Activity modification & Temperature monitoring for defence/military personnel
  • Temperature control for firefighters and other emergency services personnel
  • Thermoregulation Heatstroke prevention
  • Performance & Risk Assessment of Heat Exposure
  • Human thermoregulation response in the occupational field

The capsule easily travels and passes through the GI tract continuously monitoring gastrointestinal temperatures without affecting bodily functions. Transmit time varies with individuals; 12-48 hours is typical.

Unlike other systems, the revolutionary e-Celsius pill records up to 2,000 data points on to the pill.  This eliminates the need for a subject to be a data logger during the activity such as Swimming, Cycling or a contact sport such as Rugby.  The pill uploads the data from the pill once the e-Viewer Monitor is in range.  Data transition can be set from 30 seconds to 5 min depending on the sensitivity required.

BodyCap eperformance connect

BodyCap ePerformance Connect

  • Size : 52mm x 25mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 33g
  • Up to 3 capsules can be associated with ePerformance Connect
  • Storage: 150000 core body temperature data points per capsule
  • Battery Life: 5 days for the ePerformance Connect wristwatch.
  • Autonomy 5 days
  • Water-resistant: 5 ATM – Withstands pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters*

To use the BodyCap ePerformance Connect wristwatch, the following components of the eCelsius Performance Connect are required: 

  • eCelsius capsules: For measuring the continuous core body temperature
  • eCelsius activator: To activate the capsule
  • X4 or X8 ePerf mobile application (app for evaluating up to 4/8 users, one-year license): Visual presentation of the data collected.

Activator, e-Celsius Performance Monitor, and Software required to complete the system.