BMC Luna Auto CPAP With Humidifier



The BMC Luna G2 Automatic CPAP(APAP) system has been superseded by the BMC G3 Auto. {Click here to view}

PAP Link app is another innovative feature unique to BMC that allows you easily access to your sleep therapy on your smartphone from the BMC Luna G2.  When the device is switched off a QR code is automatically shown on the screen.  This can be scanned by the BMC PAP Link app.  It shows information such as compliance hours, average pressure, AHI, and leak rate. Tracking your sleep data has never been easier.

Example PAP Link Auto CPAP report with optional Sp02

Example Report From PAP Link App



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  • CPAP Machine(E-20A) and Eco Smart Humidifier(E-20AJ)
  • AC Cord and Local/International power supply
  • Travel carry bag
  • Sleep therapy software and 4GB SD card
  • CPAP hose
  • Spare Filter
  • User Manual

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  • Quiet operation
  • Auto On/Off
  • Optional Mask removal and Power failure alerts
  • Large 3.5 inch colour screen
  • Auto CPAP or CPAP operation 4-20cm H2O
  • RESlex Exhalation pressure relief 0-3 to reduce the pressure on exhalation
  • 0-60 Minute Ramp time
  • Removable Humidifier
  • Data remotely available with real-time, no-cost WiFi wireless data reporting/remote access using Built-in iCode function with smart phone data upload.
  • On screen snapshot review of patients data from SD card or iCode at:
  • SD card for Data download at Dealer or Medical Facility
  • 5 year Manufacturers Warranty (Unique to BMC units supplied through BMedical and our Dealers)

Automatic CPAP machines respond to your changing requirements through the night and change the pressure to what you require at the time.  Fixed Pressure CPAPs begin with a low initial pressure, and slowly increase to the pressure prescribed by your doctor.

To optimise therapy comfort, Luna also uses RESlex Exhalation relief. This optional mode reduces pressure on exhalation.  It can be set buy the provider, patient or switched off.

Using the supplied humidifier with your CPAP machine will reduce common symptoms like dryness of the throat and congestion. The Eco Smart humidifier comes free with all Luna machines and adds heat and moisture to the air delivered by the system, improving overall comfort.   The patented Eco Smart efficient heating system has a valve to limit the amount of water heated by the humidifier at any one time.  The humidifier can also be removed when travelling to reduce size and weight, making your Luna Machine the ideal travel companion.


The BMC offers a range of options for sharing results with the Physician or CPAP Provider.

These Include:

  • SD Card download to PC software (Contact us for a Download Link)
  • SD upload to web portal –
  • iCode by phone.  The patient can read a code on the CPAP screen which when entered into the desktop or icodeconnect web portal gives accurate compliance data for the Physician or CPAP provider.
  • Photograph the iCodeQR+ on the CPAP screen using the BMCares app.  Search for BMCares app on Android or Apple App store.
    • Click the picture below for example report that can be emailed to you, and two other contacts.  IE your Physician or CPAP Provider.








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