Anipill Animal Core Body Temperature Monitoring Pill



Anipill – An Accurate, Reliable and Innovative Continuous Core Temperature Monitoring System for Animal Research

The Anipill is a miniaturized electronic capsule that can be ingested in medium-sized animals including dairy animals or intra-abdominally implanted for long-term studies.

Anipill is a simple, wireless monitoring system that automatically collects temperature from animals in socially housed environments (species-appropriate) including microenvironments such as cages and macro environments such as free-range, domestic, sheltered or an outdoor habitat. The Anipill is designed by French physiologists to perform continuous intraperitoneal (IP) temperature measurements in animals for monitoring animal health.

The capsule records the temperature on a predetermined frequency into its in-built memory. Once the Anilogger monitor is within 1 meter of the capsule it wirelessly and automatically transmits temperature data instantaneously. This data is then transferred from the Anilogger to a computer via a USB for analysis.

The key benefits of the Anipill – a telemetric system for gastrointestinal temperature monitoring:

  • Collects data from conscious, freely moving animals in a stress-free environment.
  • Collect reliable stress-free temperature data using wireless telemetry
  • Automatic data collection in real-time – eliminating the need for manual body temperature monitoring.
  • User-Friendly setup – deploy the system quickly and efficiently within your research environment.
  • Improve animal welfare in preclinical research
  • Reduces the number of animals used for research purposes
  • Greater transmission distance and battery life, and a self-memory.


  • Made in France
  • Designed for animal use only.
  • Provided sterilized
  • Continuous temperature measurement instead of intermittent measurement
  • Key indicator of the animal physiological status
  • Enables precise and unfalsified measurements to be taken in real-time.
  • Shelf storage: 1 year
  • Core temperature is measured via telemetry by a temperature sensor that is implanted in the intraperitoneal cavity of animals or directly swallowed/injested.
  • purposes.
  • Used for short-term and long-term research studies
  • Memory is embedded in the capsule to ensure long-term monitoring whatever the conditions.
  • Veterinary or research applications
  • Continuous collection of reliable and accurate data, without any interference.


  • Basic Research: Thermoregulation, Exercise, Metabolism, Chronobiology and Circadian Rhythm research, Inflammation
  • Biodefence: Immunology and vaccine development, Infectiology
  • Safety: Toxicology
  • Effects of climate change on grazing animals

Anipill Capsule Specifications:

  • Calibration: 25°C to 45°C
  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.2°C
  • Capsules are sold in individual sterilized packages.
  • Monitor can manage up to 8 capsules at a given time
  • Capsule size: 8.9 mm diameter, 17.7 mm length
  • Life duration: 20 days to 10 months
  • Implant weight: 1.7 grams
  • Implant Volume: 1.12cc
  • Minimum animal weight: 20 grams
  • Communication transmission Range: 1-3 meters (depending on species)
  • Maximum number of monitors within transmission range: 7
  • Sampling Frequencies: 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes
  • Data Storage Capacity: Capsule: 2000 measurements per capsule
    Monitor: 43,690 measurements per capsule
  • Data transmission: RF communication (433 MHz)