Actiwatch Spectrum Pro – MiniMitter Philips



The Actiwatch Spectrum Pro Actigraphy offers all features of the Actiwatch Plus but with added score functionality.  Two subjective scores can be collected either at a programed time or manually.  An Audible and vibratory alarm can also be set to remind subjects to enter there scores.

  • Comfortable, aesthetic design
  • Off-wrist detector
  • Time and date indicators (like an actual wristwatch)
  • Device status indicator (logging, not logging, on wrist, off wrist, successful marker push)
  • Seven Data Channels: white photopic light illuminance, red, green and blue light irradiance, activity, off-wrist and event marking
  • Moisture protection and increased resistance to environmental challenges (moisture, shock, dust, etc.)
  • Backlit display Infrared communication to the dock/reader
  • Battery life typically 55 days with 4 scores per day
  • Large memory (32 MBit Non-volatile)
  • Faster communications and data-download rate
Size 37mm x 35mm x 12mm
Weight 31 grams (with band)
Case ABS Blend (Biocompatible)
Wrist Band BASF Elastollan 1175A10W (TPU) with titanium buckle
Hospital Bands Accomodates 7mm hospital band
Battery type CR 2430 Lithium Coin Cell (factory replaced)
Battery Charge Time 6 hours empty to full
Memory Non volatile 32 Mbits
Waterproof* 1m for 30 min per IPX7 IEC 60529
Operating Temperature Range 5oC to 40oC
Resistance Resists dust, water, heat, perspiration

*It is not recommended that any ActiWatches are worn in a Shower/Bath/Jacuzzi/Swimming Pool etc.  This is the same for any watch as the heat/steam causes expansion and creates the potential for leaks.  See this post from GQ Magazine for more details.

 Battery Life
Recording at 1 Min epoc, activity and light 50 Days
 Off Wrist Dectector
Sensor Capacitive
On-Wrist Activation Range < 2mm
Type MEMS type accelerometer
Range 0.5 – 2 G peak value
Bandwidth 0.35 – 7.5 Hz Typical
Sensitivity 0.025 G (at 2 count level)
Sampling Rate 32 Hz
Light Sensor
Type Colour sensitive Photodiode
Wavelength Range 400 -900 nanometers
Measurement Units Irradiance (microwatts/cm2)

Photon Flux (photons/cm2/sec)

Photopic illuminance in Lumens/m2 (Lux)

Illuminance Range 5 -100,000 Lux
Accuracy 10 % at 3000 Lux (typical)