Actiwatch 2 – MiniMitter Philips



The Actiwatch 2 actigraphy system incorporates high-quality biocompatible materials, well-engineered lightweight sensors with light, activity and event channels to provide 24/7 wearability and accurate data. Actiwatch 2 Starter Kit (actiwatch, communication dock and actiwave software) includes everything to get started with actigraphy.


  • Comfortable, aesthetic design to help enhance patient comfort and increase patient compliance
  • Large memory (1 Mbit)
  • Three data Channels: Photopic white light illuminance, activity and event marking
  • Welded case design to provide increased moisture, shock and dust protection
  • 30 day life rechargable battery. Charged via docking station (USB or wall current)
  • Replaceable bands – Able to use with hospital band
    Whitle light illuminance as standard
Size 43mm x 23m x 10mm
Weight 16 grams (with band)
Case ABS Blend (Biocompatible)
Wrist Band BASF Elastollan 1175A10W (TPU) with titanium buckle
Hospital Bands Accomodates 7mm hospital band
Battery type Lithium cell (rechargable at dock)
Battery Charge Time 6 hours empty to full
Memory Non volitile 2 Mbits
Waterproof* 1m for 30 min per IPX7 IEC 60529
Operating Temperature Range 5oC to 40oC
Resistance Resists dust, water, heat, perspiration

*It is not recommended that any ActiWatches are worn in a Shower/Bath/Jacuzzi/Swimming Pool etc.  This is the same for any watch as the heat/steam causes expansion and creates the potential for leaks.  See this post from GQ Magazine for more details.

15 sec 30 sec 1 min
Epochs per day 5760 2280 1440
Logging time (activity only) 22.7 days 45.5 days* 15.1 days
Logging time (activity light) 7.5 days 91 days* 30.3 days
* maximum 30 day battery life, requires charging
Type Solid state “Piezo-electric” accelerometer
Range 0.5 – 2 G peak value
Bandwidth 0.35 – 7.5 Hz Typical
Sensitivity 0.025 G (at 2 count level)
Sampling Rate 32 Hz
Light Sensor
Type Silcon Photodiode
Wavelength Range 400 -900 nanometers
Wavelength Peak Sensitivity 750 nanometers
Measurement Units Photopic illuminance in Lumens/m2 (Lux)
Illuminance Range 5 -100,000 Lux
Accuracy 10 % at 3000 Lux (typical)