Actiwatch 2 Dock & Charger – MiniMitter Philips



Actiwatch 2 USB communication dock allows users to charge, configure and retreive data via the Actiware software. The dock allows you to set the Actiwatch 2 to a sleep mode to minimise battery usage until the Actiwatch 2 is configured.

Charging time varies depending on the amount of charge remaining in the bettery.  Here is a quick guide

  • 2 week studies charge for 15 hours
  • 4 Week studies charge for 25 hours

Most users budget 1 dock for every 5-6 ActiWatches

The Actiwatch 2 communications dock includes USB computer cable and a wall current adapter allowing the user to charge the device separate from your computer.

(Actiwatch not included with Dock.  Actiwatch 2 communications dock varies from the Actiwatch Spectrum communications dock).