Actical Waist Band – Neoprene



product_25The Actical activity and energy expenditure monitor can be placed on subjects hip, wrist or ankle. The most accurate validated site to measure day to day activity levels and calculate energy expenditure is on the hip (dependent on activity type).

The Acitcal Neoprene waist band is belt that can sit above or below clothing. The mounting straps attach the device to the belt by the slots in the battery compartment cover. The Respironics logo should be at the top of the belt and the Actical text at the bottom.

The belts can be supplied in small 22 – 38 inches and large 38 – 54 inches, please specify on ordering.

Waist belts can be ordered in 100 packs please contact our staff 1300 76 72 79 to order this quantity.