RTube Exhaled Biomarker Collection and Analysis

Portable Collection Devices for the Study of Exhaled Breath Condensate

The RTubeTM breath condensate collection device is designed to be easily used by the unsupervised patient in home, workplace, laboratory, hospital or clinic. This handheld, non-invasive device is fully disposable and self-contained. As the patient/subject breathes normally into the RTubeTM, the device gathers breath condensate in a transportable/mailable cartridge.

This unique feature allows for easy integration of the RTubeTM into existing studies and allows large amounts of EBC data to be collected with ease from subjects in all reasonable environments including in the clinic, hospital, home, workplace or school. The simplicity and environmental flexibility of this collector offers the potential for rapid development of clinical diagnostics utilising EBC pH and other biomarkers.

RTubeTM Features:

  • Reproducible, reliable results in over 200,000 collections
  • Sealable condensation tube is easily transportable for centralised sample analysis
  • Centrifuge not required. Syringe-style plunger action sweeps even the smallest drops of condensate from the condensation tube walls into one liquid pool for simple analysis
  • “Tee” section separates saliva from the exhaled breath and prevents it from entering the condensation tube
  • Custom duckbill valve/nozzle produces high condensate volumes and enhances condensation efficiency
  • Disposable – ensures clean device is ready for use at any time
  • No risk of infectious cross-contamination with single-use design
  • Handheld device makes it simple and easy for unsupervised subject to use

Cooling Sleeve
For efficient condensate collection, the cooling sleeve is required. Usually stored in a laboratory freezer until needed, the sleeve is designed to easily slide over the RTube and create the desired environment for condensate collection. Included with every Cooling Sleeve is an Insulating Cover. Cold-worked from solid aluminium, each cooling sleeve has been designed for repeated use under the harshest freeze/thaw conditions.

Standard Plunger
Also made from solid aluminium, this stand-alone device is necessary to utilise the syringe style plunging built into the RTube. The one way valve slides easily along the polypropylene walls and pools the sample near the top of the tube for easy collection and removal.

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