MiniBox+ – The worlds First Desktop and Gasless System for Lung Volume Measurements as well as Spirometry and Diffusion Testing

The MiniBox+provides repeatable and accurate measurement of TLC (Total Lung Capacity), RV (Residual Volume) as well as single breath DLCO Diffusion.  Less than 2 minuits of tidal breathing is required for LVM (Lung Volume measurement).  The MiniBox is also available without DLCO.

Key features:

  • Lung Volume – Inc: TLC, FRC & RV
  • Spirometry – 30+ Parameters inc FEV1, FVC, SVC & MVV
  • DLCO – Calculated DLCO, VA, DLCO/VA


  • Gasless and Cabinless LVM
  • Desktop
  • Fully Compliant with ATS/ERS Guidelines


Clinical Data – Multi Centre Study

The Across a large and diverse population of healthy, restrictive and obstructive patients the MiniBox provided accurate results in measuring TLC in comparison to market leading Body Plethsmography systems.

  • 434 Subjects
  • 6 Leading Respiratory Centres
  • Compared with 3 Body Box Systems
  • All: Ages, Respiratory Disorders, Severities, Genders, Lung Volumes

MiniBox Optional Cart

Lightweight with small footprint – 10Kg – 510x470x310mm

Mobile and portable to move between clinic rooms or for use on the ward.  The cart provides a workstation on wheels with compartments for DLCO gas cylinder, printer, UPS ans spare filters.










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