Actiwatch Sleep Watches

Fatigue is increasing being viewed as hazardous to society’s health. Many jobs and job tasks require individuals to be functioning at a high mental alertness without symptoms of fatigue. Legislation on the identification and management of fatigue in hazardous environments, mining, flying and trucking industry are becoming common.

Actigraphy is a part of the tool box to identify and mange fatigue in individuals. Actigraphy is an objective measure of activity and sleep/wake patterns over time. Actigraphy devices use accelerometers to measure movement over a period of time. Data can be recorded over multiple days in the patient’s own environment to provide an objective record for tracking and documenting normal and abnormal activity or sleep/wake patterns

An Actiwatch is an actigraphy device that is a compact, wrist worn, battery operated activity monitor that looks like a wrist watch.The Actiwatch is used by clinicians and researchers to help diagnose, measure and monitor individuals suffering from sleep disorders.




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