Sleep Profiler PSG2 – Level 2 Sleep Study device

The Sleep Profilerô PSG2 is a easy to use system that enables high quality of the following signals


  • EEG
  • ECG
  • Airflow

  • Wireless Finger Oximetry
  • RIP Thorax and Abdomen Effort
  • Heart Rate from ECG
  • Pulse rate

  • Head Position
  • Head Movement
  • Quantitative Snoring

Validated sleep staging algorithms and intuitive user interface enables rapid visual review and characterisation of:

  • Total time and percent by sleep stage
  • Sleep, REM and SWS latency
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Cortical, sympathetic and behaviour arousal indices
  • Awakening index and Wake After Sleep Onset
  • Frequency and intensity of positional snoring
  • Differences in objective and subjective sleep quality

Advanced Auto Scoring provides:

  • Hypopneas
  • Obstructive and central apneas
  • Respiratory event related arousals
  • Desaturation Events


  • PC or Cloud software
  • Validated auto scoring
  • Minimal Editing
  • Accurately score most studies in less than 15 minutes!

Easy to set up at home with voice prompts to reduce repeated studies†

Example Reports