ApneaGuard – Temporary Oral Appliance Therapy:

Uses include :

  • Diagnostic Tool to Evaluate if a Mandibular Advancement Splint will be Effective during a Sleep Study
  • Evaluating if a patient will comply with a MAS
  • Temporary Mandibular Advancement Splint Whilst Custom Device is Being Repaired
  • Post surgical in recovery for patients with OSA but no CPAP or Splint
  • Easy to setup in 14 minutes by non dental lab or hospital staff
  • Easy to adjust during a sleep study
  • Settings can be precisely transfered to custom appliance
  • Avoids components that can be swallowed, lost or dropped
  • Patients can ‘Try Before They Buy’ a custom Mandibular Advancement Splint
  • Lasts up to 29 Days!
  • Systematic Approach to Advancement



  • 3 Vertical Heights
  • 1mm Advancements
  • Accommodates a Range of Widths

ApneaGuard is supplied to Sleep Diagnostic Organisations and Dental Groups and Hospitals to fit prior to a Sleep Study or as a temporary device. Some clinicians prefer to do this a few days before the Sleep Study to allow a patient time to acclimatise.

Click Here to view the cover article¬†from Dental Sleep Practice Magazine on ‘Taking the Guess Work out of Oral Appliance Therapy’¬† by Dr Todd Morgan co-inventor of the Apnea Guard.

Apnea Guard is also available direct to patients but only with a prescription or recommendation from a Physician or Dentist. It is also available for use as a temporary device whilst a custom Mandibular Advancement Splint is being repaired. To order please contact us for your closest stockist on 1300 69 27 27.

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