Actigraphy is a simple and reliable non-invasive ambulatory measure of activity and sleep/wake patterns over time. Actigraphy devices use accelerometers to measure movement over a period of time. Data can be recorded over multiple days in the patient’s own environment to provide an objective record for tracking and documenting normal and abnormal activity or sleep/wake patterns.

Actiwatch and Actical are both actigraphy products. They are specifically designed to measure activity or sleep/wake patterns with other parameters and have individual software packages to analyse the data.

Actiwatch is designed to monitor sleep/wake patterns to help identify and monitor Circadian Rhythm Disorders, Insomnia, Shift work disorders, Depression/Bipolar, Hyper somnolence ad Paediatric sleep patterns. Sleep patterns from the actiwatch are shown below.

Actical is a small, omni-directional accelerometer that accurately measures a subjectís physical activity, energy expenditure level and step count.

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Normal Sleep


Shift Worker

Circadian Rhythm Disorder – Non Entrained/Free Running

Circadian Rhythm Disorder – Advance Sleep Phase

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