BMedical is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand Distributors for the BodyCap e-Celsius and Philips VitalSense ingestible pill core body temperature monitoring systems.

The BodyCap e-Celsius system revolutionises the collection of core body temperature.  For the first time the e-Celsius system records the data on the pill so that it can be downloaded later.  This eliminates the need for the subject to continually wear a data logger.

BodyCap e-Celsius System

BodyCap e-Celsius Monitor e-Viewer Performance


The core body temperature capsule provides more accurate core body temperature measurement than ear and skin temperature measurement.  They are also vastly more pleasant for subjects and researchers than rectal measurement.

VitalSense from Minimitter now Philips has been discontinued however BMedical still supply’s the Philips ingestible pills and wireless skin patches.


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