The measurement of physical activity in real world situations is important in the prescription of activity levels and dietary intakes by government bodies, medical bodies and research institutions. BMedical is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributer of Actical and BodyCap e-Celcius systems.

Actical is a small, waterproof, omni-directional accelerometer that accurately measures a subjectís physical activity energy expenditure level and step count. It calculates and records objectively, Active Energy Expenditure (AEE), Metabolic Equivalents per Time (METs) and step counts to enable you to review activity levels and patterns that were monitored.

The Actical software provides activity level thresholds (cut point) determination and quantitative activity analysis tools to analysis activity data in real world situations. It enables real-time ambulatory monitoring and is as efficient in quantifying energy expenditure as doubly labelled water (DLW) and V02 consumption, but at a fraction of the cost.

The BodyCap e-Celsius System is a revolutionary System to monitor core body temperature.† Unlike other systems e-Celsius logs data onto the ingested pill for upload at a later date.† This eliminates the need for the subject to wear a data logger in most circumstances.