Our People

Ben Greenaway

Founder and Director

Since founding both CPAP Australia (in 2003) and BMedical (in 2006), Ben has been at the forefront of providing sleep apnoea treatments. CPAP Australia grew to be one of the largest and trusted CPAP suppliers in Australia.

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Lachlan Kann

Product Manager

Lachlan is the Product Manager at BMedical – who combines the best research, data, and technology to develop an excellent product portfolio for our business partners and customers.

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Louella Carvalho

Customer Services & Marketing Manager

As the Customer Services and Marketing Manager, Louella strives to deliver effective product strategy, marketing, and publisher outreach – focusing on collaboration between BMedical and its partners to deliver successful results. She brings a breadth of experience in campaign management and planning, sales and marketing analytics, and marketing material production.

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Kelsey Cooper

Customer Service & Logistics Manager

Kelsey has been a member of the BMedical team since 2017. As the Customer Service and Logistics Manager, she acts as a liaison between our clients and the BMedical team, to ensure that our partners in health, education, industry, elite sports and defence are well looked after.

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