As a Medical Device Distributor, Our mission is to procure, offer, and support innovative, superior quality and cutting edge medical devices to our customers in Australia and New Zealand. We commit to strengthen our position as a market leader and provider of specialty patient-care sleep treatment, respiratory treatment, exercise science, and industrial health products across Australia.


BMedical Pty Ltd supplies innovative Diagnostic, Treatment and Research products for Sleep, Respiratory, Exercise Science, and Industrial Health throughout Australia and New Zealand. BMedical is also the largest wholesaler and distributor of BMC CPAP Supplies in Australia.

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Products include Snoring Treatments, Sleep Apnoea Treatments,  Activity & Heat Research, Sleep Diagnostics, Cardio & Respiratory Diagnostics and Research, Medical Grade Wireless EEG.


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Featured Products

Philips ActiWatches are the worlds leading wrist worn long term objective sleep research tools. Used by most Australian, New Zealand and world leading universities the ActiWatch delivers reliable long term sleep data.

BodyCap eCelcius system is the worlds first wireless ingestible core temperature monitoring system. Recently chose to monitor the health of drivers in the very strenuous Dakar Rally.

PSG2, is a level 2 head worn Sleep Study device that is simple to setup and comfortable to wear. Accelerated scoring means that a study can typically be scored in around 10 minutes.

We also specialise in the area of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea treatment with Provent, Theravent and NightShift.

The B-Alert is a medical grade wireless EEG device offering up to 24 channels for EEG in the real world.

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BodyCap eCelcius Performance Pills

Core Body Temperature Monitoring System uses a is a miniaturised ingestible electronic pill that wirelessly transmits a continuous measurement of GI temperature.  BodyCap devices allow continuous and reliable monitoring of physiological parameters in sports performance enhancement, medical research, and monitoring people in extreme environments.

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Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy is a novel nightly-use nasal expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) device for the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea and an alternative CPAP treatment for patients not adherent with CPAP. Provent Therapy has been studied in a series of clinical studies.

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Night Shift Positional Therapy

NightShift is a clinically proven vibrotactile positional therapy device for treating and monitoring Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring. The neck-worn device records nightly measurements of sleep position, snoring levels,  sleep architecture, the frequency and duration of feedback to monitor compliance.

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Sleep Profiler PSG2 - Home Sleep Testing

The PSG2 is an advanced In-Home Patient- Sleep Test System for a Type 2 unattended, virtually wireless polysomnography study. PSG2 provides the researcher with the capability to assess the interaction between sleep architecture, hypoxemia, and sleeping position on sleep-disordered breathing severity. Quick set-up, faster to analyze, and offers web-based software to save IT costs.

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Theravent Snore Therapy Strips

Theravent Snore Therapy is a Nasal Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) therapy consisting of MicroValve Technology designed to reduce or eliminate snoring. Theravent nasal strips have been tested in over 15 clinical trials.

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ActiWatch and ActiCal

The Philips ActiWatch and ActiCal are the world’s leading research activity monitors. ActiWatches are actigraphy-based data loggers designed to monitor circadian rhythms and other sleep parameters. ActiCal is a physical activity & energy expenditure monitoring system.

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Featured Products

BodyCap eCelcius

The BodyCap eCelcius system is the first wireless injestable core temperature monitoring system to record data onto the pill for post activity upload.

Uses include: Research, Industrial Health, Military, Elite Sports


Activity Watches

A full range of the Philips Actiwatches is now available at BMedical.
The Philips Actiwatch is a research-grade, premium actigraphy device. An Actiwatch actigraph provides researchers and clinicians an objective record for examining and assessing sleep/wake patterns, daytime activity research in many research projects throughout Australasia.

Actiwatch devices have a variety of applications and are also used clinically for certain sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep state misperception.


PSG2 Level 2 Sleep Study Device

The PSG2 is a level 2 head worn sleep study device. Patients report that it is a very comfortable device to wear. It is simple to configure and setup. With just the head unit and two leads patients can easily setup at home.
The device comes with cutting edge technology providing EEG from the head unit all whilst employing accelerated scoring. A study can be typically scored in about 10 minutes reducing costs significantly.



Advanced Brain Monitoring Named GHP: Most Innovative Medical Device Company

NEW PUBLICATION: Core temperature up to 41.5ºC during the UCI Road Cycling World Championships in the heat