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    Is the Actiwave available and how much does it cost?

    Hello Rachel,
    Yes Actiwave is available and I will send you a price list to your email direct.
    Thank you

  2. 2
    Any ability to ship to US? Specifically VitalSense Monitoring system?

    BMedical only service Australia and New Zealand. The US is services by the manufacturer themselves (Phlips Respironics). Please see link below to contact:


  3. 3
    What is the cost of leasing the actiwatch and the software?

    If you are in Australia or New Zealand. Please contact us on 1300 76 72 79 or email sales@bmedical.com.au for more information. for overseas enquireis please email mm@minimitter.com

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    Can you purchase the sleep profiler and if so how much is it?

    Yes, you can!
    Please contact sales@bmedical for a formal quote.

  5. 5
    I have just started using the provent therapy and I have managed to get a cold.Should I stop them until my nose stops running? Thank you?

    If your nose is running this will not allow the provent to stick properly so you are best to wait until you are over your cold.

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