Actiwatch Return Authorisation

Actiwatch Return Authorisation Request Procedure

A significant amount of Actiwatch issues can be resolved by ensuring that the latest PC software (Actiware) is installed and that the firmware on the Actiwatch is updated.  When the latest version of software is installed and the watch is connected you will be prompted to upgrade the firmware if the installed version is out of date. There are also simple steps that should be checked, these will rectify many other issues.

All Actiwatches should be fully charged after each use to maximize battery life.

If you see the message a battery reset occurred during data collection but there was no data loss ignore it. This typically occurs when the battery becomes disconnected briefly due to an impact or when a Actiwatch with the a nearly discharged battery is put into a dock for download.  In the case where data collection is attempted critically low battery the watch switches from low power collection mode to high power communicate mode this instantly flattens the battery. Within a few seconds the watch powers up from the recharging but a battery reset at this stage has occurred. In most cases battery reset causes the watch to lose less than a minute of movement data which has no impact on the data collection. 

Before obtaining and RA (Return Authorisation) the following procedure must be completed:

Step 1:  Does your Actiwatch power up?

 Yes – Goto step 2
 No – Goto step 6

Step 2: Is the latest version of Actiware installed on the PC being used to configure and read the actiwatch?

 Yes – the latest version of Actiware is installed. – Goto step 4
 No – In Actiware click: “Help” then “Check for Updates” If the upgrade is blocked by your firewall or your computer is not connected to the internet and you are using a laptop then a good option is to hotspot or install from a different network. If that is not possible use the buttons below.

Check the web to see the latest version of Actiware

Download the latest version of Actiware

Step 3: Do you have the latest firmware installed?

 Yes – Goto step 5
 No or Not Sure – Open the latest version of Actiware and connect your watch. If you are prompted to upgrade the firmware and follow the firmware upgrade procedure.

Step 4: Did you upgrade your software or firmware?

 Yes – Try the Actiwatch to see if the issue you are having is resolved.
 No – Goto step 5

Step 5: Do you have a charging issue?
 Yes – Goto step 6
 No – Go to step 9

Step 6:  Do you have a Spectrum Plus & Pro that has a battery lock out error?

 Yes – All Actiwatches should be fully charged after each use.  The spectrum Plus & Pro has a safety mechanism built in that prevents charging when the battery is totally exhausted. This is to stop the battery from overheating and potentially igniting during recharge.  This is prevents the safety issues that occurred with the Samsung Note 8 phone where some units caught fire when charging from an extremely low battery charge.  Similar battery fire problems cause the delay of the Boeing Dreamliner launch.  Later versions of Actiwatch firmware have now eliminated most battery lockouts.  If your Actiwatch is currently locked, please click on the “Obtain RA button” at the bottom of this page. 
 No – Go to step 7

Step 7: Do you have a Actiwatch 2?

 Yes – Use a cotton bud and some isopropyl alcohol to thoroughly clean the Actiwatch contacts. These are often effected by sweat and dirt. Also clean the dock contacts and try and charge.  If after cleaning it is still not charging goto step 9
 No – Goto Step 8

Step 8: Have you tried a different charger and usb cables?.

 Yes – Goto Step 9
 No –  Try charging from a wall charger or a different wall charger. Make sure it is good quality known working wall charger such as an iPhone charger. Do not use a high power 9v Samsung Galaxy charger. Computer USB chargers are unreliable as the output is often low and the computer sometimes powers down usb ports.

Actiwatch 2: Charging times – 2week Study cycle = 15 hrs, 4 weeks 25hrs. Use these times rather than the light on the dock going solid green.

Actiwatch Spectrum Pro/Plus – 2hrs to fully charged – 20min should give enough charge for a 2 weeks study.

After this procedure if there is still a charging problem click on the “Obtain RA button” at the bottom of this page. 

Step 9: There is something else that is not covered in this procedure.

 Yes – Call 1300 76 72 79 or international  +61 2 8002 8284 to obtain further help. 
 No – It appears that your Actiwatch is in working condition if however the issue has not been resolved please click on the “Obtain RA button” at the bottom of this page. .

Obtain RA