Actical papers

Published papers and abstracts from scientific meetings, in which the use of the ActiCal monitoring system has been reported.

Validation Papers

  1. 1
    • S. Hooker, et. al. Validation of the Actical activity monitor in middle-aged and older adults Journalof Physical activity and health, 2011, volume 8 pp 372-381
  2. 2
    • Rand, D., Eng, J. J., Tang, P., Jeng, J., Hung, C. How active are people with stroke? Use of accelerometers to assess physical activity. Stroke, 2009; 40(1) 163-168.
    • D. Heil et. al. Influence of activity monitor location and bout duration on free-living physical activity. Research quarterly for exercise and sport. 2009 Vol 80 No 3, pp 423-433.
    • Shea, J., French, C.R., Bishop, J., Martin, G., Roebothan, B., Pace, D., Fitzpatrick, D, Sun, G. Changes in the transcriptome of abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue in response to short-term overfeeding in lean and obese men. American  Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2009, 89, 407-415.
    • Sherar, L.B., Gyurcsik, N.C., Humbert, M.L., Dyck, R. F, Fowler-Kerry, S, Baxter-Jones, A.D. Activity and barriers in girls (8-16 yr) based on grade and maturity status. Medicine and  Science in Sports  and Exercise. 2009, 41 (1) 87-95.
  3. 3
    • Buchman, A. S., Wilson, R.S, Bennett, D.A. Total daily activity is associated with cognition in older persons. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2008, 16, 697-701.
    • Duval, K., Strychar, I., Cyr, M., Prud’homme, D., Rabasa-Lhoret, R., Doucet, E. Physical activity is a confounding factor of the relation between eating frequency and body composition. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2008, 88(5), 1200-1205.
    • Ho, L.S., Gittelsohn, J., Rimal, R., Treuth, M.S., Sharma, S., Rosecrans, A., Harris, S.B. An Integrated Multi-Institutional Diabetes Prevention Program Improves Knowledge and Healthy Food Acquisition in Northwestern Ontario First Nations. Health Education & Behavior. 2008, 35(4) 561-573.
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